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Sports Illustrated, 2 July 1956

SPORT In this issue: Track & Field, Tennis, Baseball, Motor Sports, Horse Racing, Boxing
EDITORE This magazine was published weekly by Time Inc, Chicago, the same group edited Time, Life, Fortune, ecc. Sidney L. James was the founding Managing Editor of the magazine. He passed away in 1994.
CONTENUTO On the cover two of the biggest sprinters in the history of the dash races in US and the Olympics: Dave Sime and Bobby Morrow. The first story of this issue was written by Roy Terrell, the titles says: "And now: the biggest battle of all". The battle were the US Olympic Trials, in Los Angeles. He wrote:"As far as anyone knows, not even the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce really believes or as bothered to claim that Alice found her Wonderland in the middle of the Los Angeles Coliseum. But those astute gentlemen could, for once, be overlooking a good thing. This weekend the vast athletic arena in southern California will take on all the aspects of a Wonderland when more than 250 of the best track and field men that the United States - or any other nation - has ever produced will find their problem strangely similar to that of Alice: to get farther they are going to have run at least twice as fast. What they are chasing is a plane to Melbourne, Australia, be on board as a member of the U.S. track and field team for the XVI Olympiad they must place among the first three in one of the 17 events at the final U.S. Trials at the Coliseum on Friday and Saturday".

Talking about the sprint races:"And there are, of course, the dashes. The year 1956, in America, has been a year of great sprinters: there is Bobby Morrow of Abilene Christian, at 20 an old pro with his flashing speed and wonderful poise and a young man who in recent weeks has almost ended all speculation about the world's best dash-man. Trying to revive that speculation at 100 meters will be Dave Sime of Duke...".

Unfortunately Sime did not finish the race in the second heat and he did not take the plane to Melbourne. He had to wait four years to enter in the Olympics, it was in Rome '60: silver medal in the 100 meters after the German Armin Hary. He reached the finish line as first in the relay 4 x 100 but the U.S. team was disqualified. Bobby Morrow won three gold medals in Melbourne: 100, 200 meters and 4 x100.

ACQUISIZIONE I buy many years ago at Brattle Book Shop, Downtown, in Boston, during my visit for profession reasons  to the Boston Marathon. 
ANNOTAZIONI Dave Sime passed away on 12 January, 2016 at the age of 79. His dream was to be a pilot and he applied to the Military Academy at West Point, but discovered he was color blind. He accepted a baseball scholarship at Duke University. Before the Olympic Games in Rome, he was approached by the CIA, the Agency asked him to convince the Soviet Igor Ter-Ovanesyan to left the Soviet Union. Sime approached "The Prince" but nothing happened. Sime continued the medical school at the University and he ended the sport carrier. He was ophthalmologist and a became a pioneer in intraocular lens transplants.


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