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Olympic Games, London 1948, Monday, August 2nd: a special copy of the daily Official Programme

SPORT Track & Field at the Olympic Games
EDITORE The Organising Committee of the XIVth Olympiad London 1948
CONTENUTO I am presenting here the copy of the Official Programme of the day August 2nd of the Olympic Games in London 1948. It was the day of the Men Discus, the qualifying trials in the morning (11.0 A.M.) and the final in the afternoon (3.30 P.M.). Cost of the booklet, one shilling. Why I decided to publish these pages? Because these is something really interesting for a small detail. Presenting the event the name of the famous Italian thrower Adolfo Consolini was written "Consolino". Famous? Not enough if in the programme of the Olympic Games there is this mistake. Please note that Consolini was world record holder in 1941 and 1946. Anyway, also the owner of the booklet wrote by hand Consolino in his note, it was a person who followed the competition with a good attention as you can see in the reproduction of the original pages: he took note about the scratched athletes, the bib numbers of the qualified athletes for the final, there is a mistake in the final result of our athlete: he wrote 54.10 but actually was 52.78.

The number of the entered athletes was 35, but only 31 competed. Two groups for the qualification: Consolino was in the Group 1, Tosi and Oberweger in the Group 2. The Rule said:"The qualification distance is 46 m. All competitors who attain the distance will take part in the Final. If less than 12 competitors attain 46 m. then the 12 best competitors qualify. Only 8 did the qualification directly, Fransson (SWE), Huutoniemi (FIN), Tunner (AUT) and Julve (PER) entered in the final also. Consolino was the best with 51.08, new Olympic record; out two of the three american, Gordien only pass to the final.

Under a heavy rain, in the first attempt of the final Beppe Tosi improved the Olympic record: 51.78. The replay of the man from Costermano in the second attempt: 52.78. During the final three men only threw more than 50 m.: Consolini 3 times, Tosi 4 and Gordien 1. 

ACQUISIZIONE From the catalogue of the second hand books of Len Lewis Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.  I buyed six booklets; in February 2018 I found the last missing booklet.
ANNOTAZIONI So I have the complete collection of the Daily Programmes XIV Olympiad London 1948: eight booklets. The dates: Friday July 30, Saturday July 31, Monday August 2, Tuesday August 3, Wednesday August 4, Thursday August 5, Friday August 6, Saturday August 7. Please note: on Sunday August 1st the athletic programme did not have any competition.


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