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New Studies in Athletics - Applied research, Coaching, Development, Documentation

SPORT Track and Field
EDITORE International Association of Athletics Federations - Monaco - Printed by H. Heenemann GmbH &  Co. KG - Berlin - Germany
CONTENUTO In the foreword of the first issue, on January 1986, Mr Primo Nebiolo, I.A.A.F. President at that time, wrote:"The new magazine will aim to present a permanent and regular source of knowledge and information for coaches, for reasearchers and scientist, that is for all those who are interested in athletics. Furthermore, New Studies in Athletics will make a fundamental contribution to the problem of bibliographical documentation, which is the necessary background for any projects of permanent scientific and technical formation. Those are the target of NSA which dose not intend to compete with the numerous specialist magazines published throughout the whole world, but which dose aim to became a real I.A.A.F. reference point and to unify the various theoretical and practical experiences arising in and from the world of athletics".

In the Executive Editorial Board three person of a great background in athletics: Prof. Dr. August Kirsch, Director of the Federal Institute of Sport Science in Cologne (Germany); Pasquale Bellotti, Master of Sport, responsible of the Centre for Study and Research of the Italian Federation; Helmar Hommel, former decathlon athlete, national coach in Germany, specialist in photo sequences and films in athletics.

Note the cover of the first issue: the Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sport, in Patiala, India. This was the venues for the first I.A.A.F. / Olympic Solidarity Diploma course, director Jim Alford, Development Programme Co-ordinator.

Note on the contents of that first issue: Harvey G. Klein, M.D. National Institute of Health in Bethesda, U.S.A., signed a study on "Blood Transfusion and athletics". These are his conclusions:"Blood is a drug. Collection, storage, and compatibility testing of blood for transfusion are carefully prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration...Like other drugs blood should be given only for medical indication".

ACQUISIZIONE During more than 30 years I received the magazine from many different sources.
ANNOTAZIONI The two covers on the left side show the first issue (January 1986) and the last edited (January 2016, with a double issue, with focus on the Endurance Training). I am very proud to have the complete collection (30 bound tomes) of this technical magazine in my library, located in Navazzo, Garda Lake, Italy. I want to thank Mrs Vicky Brennan, Editorial Assistant, and Mrs Nathalie Jurinic and Mr Stephane Merlino, the other colleagues inside the I.A.A.F during my 19 years job there, who helped me to collect old and new issues of the magazine.

The archives of NSA articles can be found at

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